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According to statistics, 70% of online businesses fail due to poor usability. Aside from that, there are numerous other factors related to your website’s UI/UX design that can either make or break your website.

Skydev has always strived to provide its customers with simple, user-friendly, and intuitive solutions. As a result, improving user experience is one of our UX/UI development team’s top priorities when developing apps.

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Main features of real estate UI/UX Development & Design

Interaction design


The process by which teams develop websites or apps that offer users relevant and meaningful experiences is known as interaction design, or IxD. It involves adding several components of your website or app, including text, music, colors, graphics, aesthetics, and more.

Information architecture


Information architecture is the process of figuring out how to organize something’s components in a comprehensible manner. In user experience (UX) development, it specifies how information will be stacked and organized on your website.

Visual design


Visual design refers to how the visuals on a website appear to visitors. It aims to improve the website’s or app’s aesthetic appeal and usability. It usually focuses on website design elements like space, images, videos, typography, color, and icons.



The process of designing a website at the structural level is referred to as wireframing. It is also used to test the functionality, appearance, usability, and features of your website prior to its launch.



The usability of a website refers to how user-friendly it is to visitors. A website with good usability prioritizes key user interface elements such as an effective design, fast load time, simple operations, unique style, easy navigation, etc.

Your Benefits

The primary goal of the search engine is to provide users with information in a convenient and timely manner. Search engines use a number of different factors to track user engagement. A good UX design means a fast page load time, mobile responsiveness, and a user-friendly URL structure, all of which contribute to an effective SEO strategy.

There are numerous websites that provide comparable services and products. Customers prefer websites that provide an appealing and simple user experience. According to one study, a well-designed user experience can increase conversion rates by up to 400%. Customer satisfaction can be greatly influenced by well-optimized accessibility and usability.

Making regular changes and updates to your website takes a significant amount of time and money. As a result, Skydev creates efficient websites from the ground up with standard UI/UX design, allowing you to save time, money, and effort and put it to better use.


Every UI/UX engagement begins with a kick-off meeting, either over the phone or in person. We’ll learn more about your organization, its stakeholders, and its goals during this meeting. Following the collection of these requirements, we will create user personas, conduct competitive analysis, and begin wireframing your website or application. A full UI/UX process, including design, typically takes 6 months.

The average cost of our UI/UX engagements varies according to the complexity and requirements of your project.

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