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Build – Operate – Transfer (BOT)

Build - Operate - Transfer (Bot) Ventures Look For Boost

When choosing BOT service, it is also the time when Skydev will accompany you to build a quality team to meet all the needs of your project. Here, the process of creating a team from all stages such as job posting, CV filtering, interviewing, hiring decisions and training will be handled by Skydev. We will build up a strong and efficient team working for you. When you are ready, we will transfer the operations to you.

The normal process of BOT


This is the stage where you plan, analyze and set things up, so that everything. This is also the stage to carry out the recruitment of staff, as well as establish the legal framework and build an administrative foundation for smooth operation in the future. Once you agree on the terms and the scope of Skydev, you will work with us to complete a thorough analysis of your requirements and needs.


This phase is the project management phase, which includes the development of the project or the improvement and maintenance of the product. In addition, this is the time for staff training and development activities until the ideal level of maturity in terms of the team’s business and technical capabilities is reached.


During this phase, Skydev will transfer the operations to you. However, the transfer only happens when you make a statement that you are ready to take on the team.

Success case

The benefits of BOT model

You don’t have to worry about finding new team members when you need to extend your own teams. Once the team building process is complete, you will be provided with the team with insights and training on your company culture as well as its intellectual property.

You can share your existing project management process, agile methodology processes and methods with the outsourced team. The team will adjust the way of working to be consistent and consistent with your current process so there won’t be any concerns about things not being done the usual way.

In almost all cases, the BOT model saves not only costs but also time up to 60% compared to conventional because all the process is done by Skydev, you just say yes, all will be delivered locally. The money saved can help you invest in other items or develop the company’s core staff.

Why Partner Choose Skydev Team


Your own development team will not sit in the middleman’s premises but work under your company’s wing. By boosting your employer branding, you’ll attract new talents and receive recognition on the market.

While your core team will be focused on the main processes, an outsourcing company will handle the secondary ones.

There are far fewer risks of data leakage if you decide to assign confidential tasks to entrusted IT experts

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