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Web Apps Help Your Business To Stay Ahead

Web application development services aid in the design, construction, and development of web-based software. Having done more than 1,000 web projects, Skydev is a company you can trust with engineering in creating web applications, web portals, etc., in the real estate sector.
By collaborating with Skydev, you can increase user base growth, open up new digital channels, increase conversion six-fold, and achieve other rewarding business milestones.

By collaborating with Skydev, you can increase user base growth, open up new digital channels, increase conversion six-fold, and achieve other rewarding business milestones.

Sales app supports visual project visits and booking in the real estate industry

Our Offering

Easy creation of user profiles

Skydev creates an app with simple options for creating user profiles. Different profiles must be present in the app for different types of users.

Performance tracking feature

We believe that tracking user performance and behavior is critical for web application owners. Skydev has built an analytics engine that works properly and in real time into real estate web apps. This tool provides metrics for your business to help you understand what needs to be improved.

Engaging property profiles


Property profiles could include descriptions, pricing information, videos, and photos of virtual property tours. It must include comprehensive and up-to-date real-time data on various properties. It becomes one of the most demanding features of a successful app.

Increasing the sales with encourage features

The Websites App eases your buying and selling properties, it allows you to generate more revenue and expand your existing customer base.

Easy Communicate With Customer


Customers can communicate with you directly through in-app messaging or calling, allowing you to make quick decisions based on the conversation. It also allows you to send quick notifications and personalized messages to users, as well as stay in touch with them for an extended period of time.

Your Benefits

Most tasks can be completed digitally or online using a feature-rich real estate web app. You don’t have to spend hours on the phone talking to customers and relaying information to them. A real estate app also eliminates the need for printed materials by allowing users to directly upload their information/documents. This digitization saves you time and resources, lowering your business costs.

Nowadays, the vast majority of people, particularly young people, use Smartphones to search for and purchase real estate. As a result, having a web app for the real estate industry is essential for meeting the needs of an increasing number of mobile users and expanding market reach. However, in order to generate more deals and ROI, your web app should be able to establish direct contact between your team and buyers.

A web application can assist you in simplifying or automating many tasks that pose the risk of human errors that are difficult to detect, thereby streamlining your business processes.
Furthermore, having all of your data in one location increases the visibility of your business. If you want to increase the efficiency and productivity of your business, a web app may be the best solution.

Many time-consuming tasks are involved in the real estate business, such as shuffling through a stack of paperwork or dealing with multiple versions of spreadsheets. With the Web App at Skydev,you can complete tasks in less time and with greater accuracy.


Developing a website can take 3-8 weeks time depending on requirements, features and number of pages in the site. It may even take us longer for more special requests. But rest assured because we will always try to optimize the quality worthy of your waiting time.

We provide quality service at a good price among the top 20 in the market. Please give us a call or check our pricing table.

It is currently in English and Vietnamese. If your business requires a specific language, our advanced translation technology will allow us to integrate a new language by the time you’re onboarded.

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