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Virtual Event

A new breakthrough trend in real estate with Virtual Events

Virtual Events have appeared for a long time in many fields and countries around the world. For the Vietnamese real estate market, under the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, this type of event has been “changing flesh” and has made significant progress in recent years.

With the ambition of developing real estate technology and immersing in progressive trends in the world, Skydev brings to Vietnam’s real estate market a new generation virtual stage technology solution using AR (Augmented Reality) to help businesses connect and maintain relationships with their customers. Strengthen business strategy and attract new potential customers.

Main features of Virtual Events

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The main purpose of businesses at Virtual Events is to promote hot projects and warm up the company’s brand in the market. Projects will be shown from the panoramic scale to every detail of the unit to help customers have an experience no different from the project when completed. Live streams applying AR technology like this help businesses not only promote 1 but can many projects at the same time with the same care and investment as individual project exhibitions.

Creating a connection between people and virtual entities 

The virtual stage was born to replace the method of organizing large-scale outdoor real estate events. The biggest limitation at real events is a clear, detailed, and interactive product simulation. Since then, the virtual stage broadcast on multiple platforms is an effective tool for businesses to bring their products closer to their customer files. The project information is conveniently displayed through the interface on the device. From there, businesses can rest assured that all customers can access project information in the most effective way.

Why choose Skydev real estate Virtual Event

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Benefits of AR technology platforms

The traditional method of organizing events often involves a lot of complicated and expensive post-production processes, but sometimes the stage effects are not as desired when countless problems arise. Unfortunate events such as weather, venue, technical failure, poor participant interaction, etc. Skydev helps you untangle the knots during these events through our quality Virtual Theater. With Virtual Event, all physical limitations are completely broken by your creative ideas will be sublimated by us like never before, thereby creating infinity stages with epic, top-notch effects high and satisfy all the most complex requirements.niently.

Applying the latest technologies currently on the Vietnamese market, the effects that Skydev uses for the Virtual Stage give your audience a more eye-catching experience than ever. time out. We gather experienced and professional 3D design experts and technicians to help you affirm your business brand in the Vietnamese market.

The virtual events that Skydev provides are a great advantage for your business as customers can attend in unlimited numbers, and comes with a huge amount of interactions. This will be an opportunity for businesses to promote key projects, and create trust and long-term follow-up from customers. More importantly, the cost of actual promotional strategies including physical exhibitions is also much more expensive than our virtual stage.

We are at the forefront of the current trend of applying technology to the real estate sector. The cross-platform streaming method we offer replaces the post-production method of recording, allowing businesses to promote direct interaction with audiences. Effectively promote corporate event organization purposes.


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