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Grow Your Business With Sales App

Using real estate sales apps increased sales by 30% because it made selling more engaging and simple, but also less expensive due to faster turnaround, better tracking, and engagement.

Understanding the needs of businesses for a business control platform, Skydev has developed a sales app in real estate that allows you to showcase your entire product portfolio from a single tablet, reducing advertising latency, pitch and increasing customer exposure.

Sales app supports visual project visits and booking in the real estate industry

Main features of real estate Sales Application

Easily access information with integrated CRM


When sales reps have access to simple real estate CRM tools that enable them to contribute to CRM in an intuitive and effective manner, the customer benefits. Mobile CRM integration increases transparency and accountability, improves sales processes with well-designed analytics, and reduces physical waste with paperless integration. These features’ improved data will strengthen your customer relationships and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Up to date within 3 seconds


Real-time, bidirectional data provides your sales team with immediate access to the information they need to close more deals. With quick access within 3 seconds to current company, customer, and competitor information; project catalogs; order information; and cost statistics, your agents can provide your customers with all the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. Furthermore, dynamic content management systems streamline the sales process by reducing errors and ensuring the use of compliant, up-to-date, marketing-approved collateral, allowing brokers to spend less time fumbling through papers and more time selling smart.

Get Everyone in on the Action Using Interactive Presentation Tools


Mobile devices have high-resolution screens and touch interfaces that can bring project demonstrations to life and engage your customers. This principle emphasizes the importance of using video, animation, and 3D to create interactive visual explanations of your products, as well as getting them to input data as part of the sales process. This ensures that your customers understand the value of your products and can envision themselves using the solutions you provide before they spend any money. These tools will help your sales team stay sharp while also looking sharp as they provide unique, polished customer experiences, resulting in more closed deals.

Why choose Skydev real estate Sales App

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Benefits of real estate Sales App

Always having a smartphone in hand is a great way to communicate with people around the world. Having the right internet connection makes it easy for one to use their mobile app for real estate business anywhere. This way, agents can remotely run and sell their homes online. This is one of the main reasons that most people are now adapting to mobile apps. These apps make it easy for you to communicate and do any kind of online transaction without any hassle.

With real estate apps, buyers can gather complete information regarding your properties along with complete details including price. This often prompts buyers to purchase the property matching their interests and budget. Besides, the integration of features such as push notification also helps buyers in making instant decisions to purchase the property.

Skydev real estate sales application will aid in the completion of all paperwork. To view terms and sign a contract for a transaction or deposit procedure, simply scan the QR code. This will greatly reduce the time and stress that real estate agents face on a daily basis.


It is currently in English and Vietnamese. If your business requires a specific language, our advanced translation technology will allow us to integrate a new language by the time you’re onboarded, so please notify your account manager if you have a specific language requirement.

No problem! You can start by using our trial version before deploying. We will also advise, support and guide you if at any time you need.

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