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Real Estate Productivity App To Improve Business Efficiency

Client meetings, open houses, and closing tasks can all take up a real estate agent’s day. Juggling all of these responsibilities is half of knowing how to manage a real estate business. Increasing productivity is an excellent way to accomplish more.

Incorporating the right real estate productivity apps into your business can increase the revenue and efficiency of your business by 30%. Therefore, Skydev team has developed a productivity app in the real estate field to help you automate time-intensive workflows, increase your personal capacity and convert more leads.

Sales app supports visual project visits and booking in the real estate industry

Main features of real estate Productivity Apps

Boost performance and success rates with project planning feature


Users of the Skydev productivity app can create project schedules, add and assign tasks, and get a quick overview of progress. Automation and integrations also allow for better project management and ensure that all data is stored in a single location.

Efficient working with task management


Detailed task management options assist managers and employees in understanding what is required while motivating them to provide it. Users can assign multiple assignees, descriptions, deadlines, comments, and files to each task using this feature. Furthermore, the time spent on each task can be tracked.

Centralized communication connects teams


When using the real estate productivity app, you have a single tool that stores all of your business communications. It allows users to communicate within the context of a deal or project. It also has discussion boards for general communication.

Reduced memorization effort with notifications and reminders


Never miss another deadline again with productivity apps that send app and email notifications when a deadline is approaching or has passed. Users can personalize their notification settings as they see fit.

Benefits of real estate Sales App

Collaboration is an essential component of running any size of real estate business. Team members can learn about project progress by sharing updates on current projects. All new notifications, projects, and tasks are easily accessible. The ease of use of the efficient application allows team members to seamlessly integrate data such as customer information, deals, leads etc., with sharing options.

The value of features that allow instant collaboration cannot be taken for granted. When team members can check the status of a project, review everyone’s schedule, share information, and communicate in real-time with the click of a button, they can make changes that improve the end product and the overall process. Better products lead to happier customers, who spend more money.

You gain access to analytics with the real estate productivity app, allowing you to learn from previous projects. Identify areas for improvement so that future projects run more efficiently and smoothly. This information enables you to make changes to how you plan, assign work, set deadlines, and so on. Small, incremental changes made gradually over time allow your team members to maximize their productivity and output.


Designed for both brokers and investors, Skydev productivity app empowers your team to track and manage work easily with just a few clicks.

We believe that sometimes you will need to integrate many other apps or tools to facilitate work. That’s why we’ll learn about your goals and custom our app to your needs.

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