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Properties Management System

Properties Management System To Optimize Business

Skydev developed a property management system for the real estate industry to assist brokers and investors in streamlining their work processes. Experts estimate that having a product management system saves 30% of time and increases revenue by 10%.

PMS supports manage customer information in the real estate industry

What We Offer

Flexible searching

Skydev’s CRM may be compared to Google for the real estate business since it gives diverse information to search engines such as project name, needs, and basic client information, making it easier for real estate brokers to locate information and take care of consumers.

Multiple data import, export


Skydev offers the option to update and export data in bulk with more than 100.000 attributes, which saves time when compared to manually entering each piece of information.
Property data may be exported in bulk, which makes it easy for brokers to transfer data to different platforms as needed.

Real-time report


The accurate and detailed property information can be managed through a modern interface with real-time metrics. Leaders may see the most recent changes, such as the account created and the content, in less than 3 seconds.



The properties management system in multiple languages will be supported by Skydev if it is required which makes it easier for multinational companies. The languages ​​in the system operate 100% smoothly, allowing you to switch to another language in less than 1 second.



Just 3 to 5 seconds, customer information may be edited and updated in the system in real time, allowing brokers to maximize their workday.

Your Benefits

A product management system is an excellent tool for controlling the company’s products, allowing you to track and update sales-related web content. And all of this in a quick, easy, and straightforward manner.

Another advantage that Product Management System software provides businesses is the ability to grow by adding new products due to their ease of management.

A product management system (PMS) assists by reducing the time dedicated to each task performed by the various content creators, thus improving times and processes for the company.

We will optimize our working costs without even realizing it because of the time savings.


PMS development can take anywhere from 3 to 10 months, depending on the scope and technology stack. Skydev employs an Agile approach and prioritizes features, focusing on the most important ones first.

The average cost of our PMS varies according to the complexity and requirements of your project.

Why choose Skydev real estate Properties Management System

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